Where can I purchase your products?
  • You can buy from a distributor in your area.
  • If a distributor is not available, you can purchase from us directly.
  • Please use our order form located under the CONTACT Tab on this website.
  • If you have questions please call (405) 354-3644
  • E-mail us at orders@colorriteinc.com
What information is needed to place an order?
  • Product type you are looking to purchase (ColorSil, Color Rite, Poly-Sil, etc...)
  • Quantity & Finish desired
  • Manufacturer's Name, item number, and/or the color name of the surface you are matching (i.e. Formica 892 Pumice, Mapei 05 Chamois-Satin)
  • You can complete the order form that best meets your needs here.
What if I need a Specialty Color or a Custom color?
  • Specialty and custom colors range from $25-$85, plus your product total.
  • Colors may require purchase of entire production run (+/-) Target Quantity
  • Fees are based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to:   
    1. Quantity
    2. Finish 
    3. Application
    4. Current Production

*Please allow up to 5 business days lead time for Specialty & Custom colors 

Where do I send color samples to be matched? Please send all samples to: 
  • Color Rite, Inc.
  • Attn: Sample Dept
  • 600 S. Ranchwood Blvd.
  • Yukon, OK. 73099

ALL samples Must have a Sample Submission Form completed and included with the sample to be matched.  

Is there a minimum order amount?
  • Currently there is not a minimum order amount for any of our regular stock colors.
How do I pay for my order?
  • We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards. 
  • We do not accept COD'S.
  • Please contact us at (405) 354-3644, toll free at (855) 822-2855 (US only), or email us at orders@colorriteinc.com  for further details.
How soon will my order ship?
  • Most orders ship within 48 hours.
  • Please allow up to 5 business days for Specialty and Custom colors.
  • Expedited delivery services are available.
  • Please contact us at (405) 354-3644, toll free at (855) 822-2855 (US only), or email us at orders@colorriteinc.com for further details.
How will my order ship?
  • We ship orders daily by FedEX. 
  • Larger orders may ship by Common Carrier LTL.
  • We do NOT ship via USPS or UPS.
What product is best for outdoor applications?
  • We recommend using our Color Rite Acrylic/Latex Caulking:    
    • Color Rite is paintable within one hour, whereas pure silicone caulks can never be painted.
    • Silicone Caulks are oil based and tend to bleed an oily residue which will attract dirt and grime over time.
  • Color Sil can be used on exterior applications on a case by case basis. Please contact us at (405) 354-3644 or email us at orders@colorriteinc.com to help determine which caulk is right for your application.
Can I use any of your caulks/sealants on sidewalks, driveways, patios, or around my pool?
  • None of our products are approved to be used below grade or underwater.
  • Color Rite siliconized acrylic caulk is recommended for most exterior applications, but silicone may be preferred in some cases. 
  • For Exterior applications, we recommend using caulk on vertical surfaces only; around doors, windows, siding, etc...

*Some surfaces may require sealing before applying caulk to reach optimal adhesion

What will remove the old caulk/sealant?
  • Latex/Acrylic : Many home improvement stores carry products to help in removal, such as a caulk removal tool. For residual acrylic caulk left behind, mineral spirits or lacquer thinner may be used, taking great care not to damage your substrate. 
  • Silicone :  Silicone can be carefully scraped away with a razor blade, putty knife or other tool, taking great care not to damage your substrate. Silicone residue may also be removed with lacquer thinner on some surfaces.

ALWAYS test in an inconspicuous area before using any chemicals, tools, or cleaning products on any surface!  

It is best to contact the manufacturer of your substrate to determine your best options for cleaning or residue removal.

Which product is better to use around my bathtub or shower surround?
  • We recommend using our 100% silicone - Color Sil, Polysil, or our translucent TR-800 series for all wet applications.
  • We DO NOT recommend using a water-based acrylic or latex caulk in shower or tub areas.

For the best look, try our Color Sil- Sanded silicone to match the look of your Sanded grout, or our Color Sil - Satin silicone to mimic the look of unsanded grout!

Which product is better to use on floor applications?
  • We recommend using Color Rite siliconized acrylic. It dries firm, yet flexible, has great adhesion and is water clean-up. It has better durability for foot traffic and does not collect dust, dirt, or debris.
Will Color Rite / Color Sil adhere to my existing caulk?
  • Yes, but only as long as the existing caulk is not a silicone, is dry, clean and free of any dust dirt or debris and is not crumbling and/or losing adhesion.
Are any of your caulks/sealants waterproof?
  • All of our silicone is Waterproof, airtight, mold and mildew resistant, and will not shrink, crack or peel. 
Can I paint over any of the Color Rite, Inc. caulk/sealants?
  • Color RiteYes, within one hour of installation.
  • Color SilNo. Paint will not adhere to pure silicone caulks.
  • PolySilNo. Paint will not adhere to pure silicone caulks.
  • TR-800 Series: No. Paint will not adhere to pure silicone caulks.
The color of the Color Rite acrylic caulk in the tube does not match the color I ordered. Why?
  • Color Rite siliconized acrylic will dry darker. Please allow at least one hour of drying time to see the true color.
  • All in-house color matches are done using the dried, fully cured color to ensure the best color match.
Why are there pin holes, or small gaps in the Color Rite bead I just installed?
  • These pinholes are called caulk blisters. These are created by the improper application of the caulk bead that encapsulates small air pockets which are not filled during the tooling procedure. As the caulk cures, these blisters open up and are seen as small pin-sized holes.
  • Color Rite should be used to fill the void completely from the bottom up to avoid air pockets. Using our Perfect Bead Tool minimizes this problem.
  • A second application may be made to fill in any gaps 24 hours after first installation.
Is Color Rite available in a sanded version?
  • Yes, in 10.5 oz cartridges only. Simply order using the grout manufacturer, item number and color name.
  • You can place all orders here.
When applying masking tape along the sides of a gap, void, or seam; how long should I wait to remove the tape?
  • We recommend you remove the masking tape immediately after tooling. Immediate removal will keep the caulk from curing and adhering to the tape.
  • If installing silicone, try our Mist and The Perfect Bead Tool. It can make silicone as easy to install as water based adhesives and does the clean-up as you do the tooling!  
Is Color Rite, Inc. caulk/sealants freeze/thaw stable?
  • Color Rite: YES! Color Rite acrylic caulk will cycle (freeze/thaw) 5 times before deteriorating or losing stabilizing properties.
  • Poly-Sil, Color Sil, & TR-800: Yes! Our silicone shows NO signs of deterioration when exposed to freezing temperatures, even for extended periods of time. In fact, our silicone will not freeze, and the cooler temperature actually helps to extend the shelf life. We recommend freezing your product before and after use if you would like to extend its life and usability. 

*All products should be allowed to acclimate to room temperature before installation for optimal results.

What is the cure time for Color Sil?
  • Color Sil will flash off within 30 minutes. We recommend you keep moisture away from it for 24 hours.
What is the difference between Poly-Sil and Color Sil?
  • Color Sil is a solid color silicone available in three finishes. 
  • Poly-Sil is a unique formulation utilizing different colored particulates suspended in a translucent base.
What is the PH level of Mist?
  • Mist has a PH level of 10 (Neutral is 7 and water is 8-9).